Dance Nation, square product theatre, Summer 2020 (160 hours over 4 months)

  • Working (virtually) with Whitman faculty mentor Emily K. Harrison as part of the design team for square product theatre's regional premiere of Clare Barron's play Dance Nation - slated for production in the summer of 2020, but postponed due to COVID-19

  • Funded by Whitman College's Louis B. Perry Summer Research Award


(Unrealized) Sweeney Todd                 Scenic Designer                      Whitman College                                    2021

                                                                                                      Dir. N/A

Chekhov's Farces                              Asst. Scenic Designer                Whitman College                                    2020

                                                                                                      Dir. Chris Petit

Ripe Frenzy                                      Scenic & Projection Designer      Whitman College                                    2019    

                                                                                                      Dir. Emily K. Harrison

MMMM                                          Costume Designer                    Whitman College                                    2019

                                                      Choreographer: Peter de Grasse

Playing With Fire (After Frankenstein)     Asst. Props Designer                  Whitman College                                    2019

                                                                                                       Dir. Annaliese Baker

Much Ado About Nothing                   Dogberry                                Whitman College                                    2019

                                                                                                       Dir. Grace Sanwald

Life is a Dream                                  Asst. Scenic Designer                Whitman College                                    2019

                                                                                                       Dir. Carlos Vargas-Salgado

Desiderata                                        Riley                                      Whitman College                                    2019

                                                                                                       Dir. Grace Sanwald

Red                                                 Asst. Scenic Designer                Whitman College                                    2019

                                                                                                       Dir. Donovan Olsen

Big Love                                           Asst. Scenic Designer                Whitman College                                    2018

                                                                                                       Dir. Christopher Petit

Instant Play Festival                             Actor                                      Whitman College                                    2018

                                                                                                       Dir. Sabina Rogers, Antonio Tharp

Spring Awakening                              Props Master, Ensemble             Whitman College                                    2018

                                                                                                       Dir. Andrea Andresakis

One Act Play Festival                          Props Designer                         Whitman College                                    2018

                                                                                                       Multiple Directors

Sonnets for an Old Century                  Actor                                      Whitman College                                    2017

                                                                                                       Dir. Anthony Reale

You Can’t Take It With You                   Props Designer                         Whitman College                                    2017

                                                                                                       Dir. Kenn Watt 



Francis Starr Todd Fellowship, Seven Devils Playwrights Conference, Summer 2020 

  • Collaborated with theatre artists as they further developed new plays, providing a different perspective and using virtual design meetings to engage the physical world of the play

  • Produced sketches and collages based off of the conversations had in design meetings

  • Worked alongside Skip Mercier, who led the virtual design meetings for You Will Get Sick by Noah Diaz, The Killing Fields by Anya Pearson, and The Alligator Gospels by Matt Pelfrey

  • Led the virtual design meetings for The Birth of the Pill by Jessica Huang, The Hero and the Scholar by Marshall Botvinick, and Madam Euphoria Reveals Your Future by Jenny Sternling

  • More info in this article or through the conference website

Scene Shop Employee, Harper Joy Theatre, Walla Walla, WA September 2018-present

  • Worked in the scene shop as a designer and set creator

  • Learned painting skills, carpentry, metal work (plasma cutting), foam carving/sculpting, etc.

Box Office Attendant, Harper Joy Theatre, Walla Walla, WA May 2017-present

  • Acted as house manager, ushered, sold tickets, worked will call, assisted with postering, and opened/closed the theatre

Department Liaison, Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA September 2019- May 2021

  • Nominated to represent both the Theatre and Film & Media Studies departments

  • Answered questions about the majors, helped students connect with the departments and professors, and assisted aspiring majors in creating a plan for their classes

  • Moderated online Discord forums for new and interested students during the distanced COVID-19 situation

Drama Club Vice President, Publicity Chair, & Historian, Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA, May 2019- May 2021

  • Worked with the club to create Q&As, videos, and other methods of communications when classes moved online

  • Created a website for the theatre's annual drama banquet when the live event was cancelled due to COVID-19

  • Assisted in setting up and representing the theatre during activities fairs

Sales Clerk, Hot Poop Stereo and Video, Walla Walla, WA September 2017-April 2018

  • Assisted customers, organized stock, cleaned/tuned instruments, installed video equipment, etc.

  • Sold records, CDs, clothing, equipment, and instruments



2020 National Award for Excellence in Scenic Design / KCACTF National Conference, 2020

Cherry Production Award for Outstanding Service in a Technical Field / Whitman College, 2020

​Barbizon National Award for Excellence in Scenic Design / KCACTF Region 7, 2020 

Meritorious Achievement Award for Costume Design / KCACTF Region 7, 2020

Meritorious Achievement Award for Scenic Design / KCACTF Region 7, 2020

Cherry Production Award for Outstanding Service in a Technical Field / Whitman College, 2019


Whitman College, Bachelor of Art in Theatre & Film and Media Studies, 2021 (expected graduation)

  • 2021

    • Beginning New Media with Justin Lincoln

  • 2020

    • Sound Design with Daniel Schindler

    • Classical Music in Film with Dr. Paul Luongo

  • 2019

    • Costume Design with Annaliese Baker

    • Scenic Painting with Daniel Schindler

    • Theatrical Makeup Design with Annaliese Baker

    • Voice and Movement with Christopher Petit

    • Music Composition with John David Earnest

  • 2018

    • Scenic Design with Daniel Schindler

    • Music Composition with John David Earnest

    • Foundations of Technical Production with Nathan Tomsheck

    • Introduction to Television Studies with Zachary Campbell

    • Foundations of Design with Daniel Schindler

    • Intermediate Digital Photography with Charly Bloomquist

  • 2017

    • Beginning Acting with Christopher Petit 

    • Introduction to Film Studies with Robert Sickels

    • Beginning Digital Photography with Charly Bloomquist

    • Prop Design/Construction with Nathan Tomsheck



VISUAL ARTS: Digital art, drawing, painting, digital photography, videography, photo editing, video editing, sculpting

SOFTWARE: Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, AutoCAD, SketchUp, GarageBand, MuseScore, QLab, Microsoft Suite, etc.

MUSIC: Arranging, Composing - Instruments: piano, guitar, vocals, alto saxophone, some bass & cello, etc.

WEB DESIGN: Included are links to my thesis website, a website for Whitman's drama banquet, and a website designed for a                          neuroscience class final


Daniel Schindler

Associate Professor at Whitman College / (509) 527 - 5017


Nathan Tomsheck

Technical Director and Senior Lecturer of Theatre at Whitman College / (509) 526 - 4717

Emily K. Harrison

Producing Artistic Director, square product theatre / (903) 240 - 8004

Barbara DeLauter

Administrative Assistant at Harper Joy Theatre / (509) 527 - 5279